Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thoughts about love

When you study at Berklee there is no time for even thinking about love, at least for my part. But suddenly strange feelings start to show in people. I don't know if it's because of the spring winds that blows over Boston or if the sun starts to come out, but suddenly all of my friends have love problems. One of my friends broke up with her boyfriend, another is interested in a girl and he is so worried that it won't work out even though she likes him back, a third one is just lonely and don't know how to handle  it, a fourth one is dreaming nightmares about her ex-boyfriend.

What is it in spring that brings out all of our feelings and warms up our hearts? Suddenly we are confused human beings with no plans and no focus. We start worrying and feeling lonely, even though things are going well. It's like traveling back to graduation times in high school or at my pre college, where everyone were so happy to have each other because we knew that we soon would be out in the world on our own, and we might never see each other again even though we were good friends. That's the feeling of spring. And I wrote a song about it. So if you're lucky I can record it on tuesday and put it up here!

I wish you all love and happiness. The insecurity will go away sooner or later.

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