Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jetlag and sun

The change you go through when you travel is quite big. Suddenly the time you thought was 7am is called 1pm and everyone thinks you should be wide awake and drink a coffee with them. They also think you should go to sleep around 12am which in your head is 6pm, which is far to early! Anyways, after a week of actually struggling with getting up in the morning, and trying to go to bed I feel like I start to come back into normal phase. (I never had this problem before, why did it come now?)

The kids shows are approaching! We are planning all the details, how to get from each gig, and how to get paid. The question came up again if I should start a company, but I decided once again to go through MUSEK which hires musicians so that they can get paid. A business can wait until I move back to Sweden (or at least have decided where I will move.) When there are other good solutions, not too expensive, it could be worth not having to worry about a swedish declaration when I'm in the middle of spring semester at Berklee.

Otherwise it's really sunny, about every other day or so. So I bike a lot, and I try to get as much of it as possible (typical swede, always longing for sun!) It's nice to not have a 9-5 job for once, and just be able to be outside!

I also forgot to tell you that I was at the film premiere of Naken, that I made a song for! It was very appreciated, and although I always can in my picky mode, hear the things that I would like to change, everyone enjoyed it. I got lovely words from swedish film director Kay Pollak! That really made my day!

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