Monday, June 10, 2013

Space and time gives me inspiration

After three kids shows in a row we're happy to go back to Tjoffe's house to relax a bit and work on some upcoming shows. I plan to be a lot better with long-term planning, and I feel that if I start to plan next summer already in the fall I can maybe play at some festivals with Karmacloud, and maybe also get some more kids shows going before they finish school! This year it has unfortunately become really late, and a lot of the schools have already closed for summer vacation.

I feel so relaxed not having to be at Berklee right now. I love Berklee, but sometimes we need to work hard and other times we have to relax to balance it out. Sara who just came from Skurup have, just like me, been very tired since she ended school. Together we've just eaten and slept a lot between rehearsals, and I think that's exactly what we need to be able to come back and be our best for the next upcoming semesters.

Free day tomorrow and then our last kids show for this year!

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