Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sweden and tour

So, I've finally come back to Sweden! I took Lei to see the west coast: Falkenberg and Göteborg (Gothenburg), and right now we're in Stockholm. My grandma had to make him perfect köttbullar (meatballs) with macaroni, not anything fancy according to her, but oh it tastes good! 

In 2 days our tour will start with Karmacloud! Rumle and Dan are coming today, and honestly I'm a bit worried. Rumle has a tough fever and Dan hasn't showed up yet even though his plane should have arrived 3 hours ago. Well, well, no point in worrying for stuff I can't do anything about. Just have to sit and wait for him to come. I will hang with Lei for his last day and go with him to the train station tomorrow morning. He is gonna travel Europe and we might meet up on the tour as well. 


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