Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The summers are warm here in Boston! It's a real pleasure to just walk out the door and feel the sun on your skin!

I am working, and working. And when I'm not working I'm studying for my online classes. Might have brought a bit too much on me this summer? Like usual then.

I still have a real good time though! I just started playing with two lovely girls, Hanna and Lucia, as you know, and we got the great honor to be on Yousif's radio show last Friday! A really fun experience, I have to say. We got to talk about music and life, and he played not only Karmacloud's whole EP but also the music of Lucia's old band! We also got to perform live in the studio, which was a real nice experience! Berklee really makes sure to have that nice sound when you per form in radio at least! 

All the Swedish people at Berklee and in Boston were also able to have a real nice midsummer! With skagenröra, potato salad, strawberrycake, dancing and games! I believe that midsummer might be the time where we Swedes miss our country the most. So to have that was really a good feeling, to just let go, speak some swedish to people I didn't know and to forget about the craziness that always is going on in this city! 

Happy Midsummer! 

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