Friday, August 15, 2014

Two Swedes in NYC

Me and Jenny took a trip to New York City! Like all Swedes, I guess we are a bit obsessed with the dynamics this city has to offer, and when the weather is good it's always fun to hang out!

We stayed at a hostel on upper west side called Jazz in the Park. By luck, that place was located on the subway-line we needed the most, so we did not have as many problems with the underground as we could've (I've been lost myself many times.)

So we did some of the things you have to when you're on a tourist trip to NYC. Like eating cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery while sitting in Central Park, watching the turtles swimming in the lake. Or taking a sad selfie where John Lennon died. 

And some of the things that was kind of unexpected. Like going to the beach of Coney Island and scream out of fear and laughter in a giant swing of the amusement park Luna.

But of course a must: to watch a concert every night in the village. Nice!

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