Saturday, December 9, 2017

Eye of the Storm - Music Video out!

Eye of the Storm
Karmacloud released their third track of 2017, 'Eye of the Storm' on November 17th to all digital platforms.

Eye of the Storm is a contemplation on how we, in search for the "perfect" life, can forget to be grateful for what we already have. Behind its stories the lyric questions our own behavior in society, our attitudes towards ourselves, and how they relate to the Bigger Picture of humanity. "Am I doing something meaningful to the world?" "Can I give this life my full loving intention?"

- It's easy to take it for granted /
Each day we're still alive -

Often it's more important to create a space of love, understanding and forgiveness, than to stay in the illusion of calm at the eye of the storm we've created. 

The video for Eye Of The Storm was directed and shot by Florinda Frisardi at the stunningly beautiful Grunewald Forest in Berlin, Germany. Recorded at Falster, Denmark in a big old farmhouse pop-up studio.

the story so far...
Eye Of The Storm is the third release from Karmacloud this year.
Karmacloud are known for their vibrant live performances and consist of three independent songwriters: Linnéa Lundgren (SE), Rumle Langdal (DK) and Danny Forde (IE). They first discovered their musical affinity at the creative melting-pot Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Since then they have released an EP and 2 singles, toured in Denmark, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and USA. They have collaborated with other artists including singer/songwriter Lau Noah in New York, Swedish artists HanaOceans and Flora Cash. These recent releases are the fruits of a burst of creativity when Karmacloud retreated to a farm-house studio in the Danish countryside to write and record new music. A brand new EP is scheduled for release in 2018, recorded by a beach in west of Sweden.


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