Friday, January 25, 2019

#onesongaday Challenge in January

For the new year 2019 I decided that I would write one song a day in January, six days a week. Here I want to share some of the insights I've had since doing it.

The original idea came from a story I heard about a man who decided that he would lift up a pot of flowers, everyday. As the action could seem entirely useless he did it to test his discipline to create a new habit. If he forgot to do it one day, he would just carry on as usual on the next, not blaming himself or try to compensate.

I am currently on my 23rd song, and I am almost surprised how easy it has been. It's like I made a decision and no matter what would happen I would follow it. The writing almost became like a mirror of reflections to my life.

Even days when I felt too tired, I would think of the man with the pot and I'd say to myself: "Hey, lets sit at the piano for only 5 minutes, and if nothing comes out its okay to only write one note".

I've also learned to listen more closely to my body "Am I really too tired to write a song or am I just pitying myself?" At the times where I actually didn't feel like it I would use my "day of rest" knowing that I could keep going for the rest of the week.

I have also started to care less about what people think about me (both the good and the bad!) as I am doing this for myself, and only myself. Even though I'd like a song very much, I'd still have to let go of it to focus on writing a new one the next day. And of course the same goes for the bad ones.

The emotional attachment to the songs then become less influential. I don't "take the songs personally". If I did, I'd be devastated as soon as something "bad" would come out, and I'd probably given up this challenge already.

That way of thinking is also changing the way I'm looking at other people. I've realized that everyone wears their own glasses with judgements, opinions, values, fears etc. so regardless if I wrote a song that I really liked, not everybody is going to feel the same way about it. Everyone are not going to like my ideas or my way of living. And that's okay because we are all different, and I have to do things that makes me happy and gives me purpose. If so, I might be able to spread it to others, and they could find what makes them happy and gives them purpose.

Also, if I can do this. A challenge that I really didn't believe I could take on. Then I could do anything I set my mind to.

If you connected or completely disagreed with this, please share your comments below. What makes you happy? Did you have a recent insight?

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