Monday, February 18, 2013

German crepes and cheesecake

I finally got together with Mara. She arranged a german crepe party, and the only thing you had to bring was topping and beverage. So we ended up eating a whole bunch of pancakes with Nutella, banana, applesauce, strawberry jam and other delicious things. I got to meet more of Berklees composition majors, and hear a whole lot about interesting teachers and also discussions about how people don't like the way Hans Zimmer writes his music.

After that I got a weekly rehearsal with Point of Departure. We have a huge outdoor gig in March (hopefully it's gonna get warm till then, right now it's just snowing). And in the middle of it I got a text from Tali telling me that it's Rinats birthday today and they were doing a surprise party for her at the Cheescake factory.

So the whole day basically consisted of food music and yummy desserts. Perfect Sunday. And tomorrow it's the Presidents day, so we are free from school. That doesn't mean free from work though. I will go to Dorchester to rehearse some country songs for the Women Musicians Network concert with Nina Ricci. After that I have a session with Ittetsu, maybe a rehearsal with my just started band, and a recording session with Dan for his project with vocal, guitar and strings. I will be home at 3 in the morning.

The life of a musician. I love it.

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