Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Late nights and early mornings

Yesterday night we recorded one of Daniel Fordes originals at the Record Company in Dorchester. It was a mp&e project for Fernando, but since all the Berklee studios only had time to record from 2am-6am we felt that it might be nicer to do it from 10pm-2am.

To be in the studio is something really special. Studio time goes so fast, and it's really fun. We had some problems with hearing ourselves in the beginning, but after a while they solved it. So for the recording it was me and Dan who sang, and played guitar, and then he had a string quartet who really made the tune come alive. And Theodor filmed the whole thing, so when the cutting is done I will post a video treat!

Today was an even more interesting day. I got to play at Heewons filmscoring session. We recorded in the filmscoring departments studios and Heewon directed us by looking at the movie at the same time. It is really an art to make that work! And it's hard to follow, but it turned out really nice! Take a look for yourselves: (I am playing clarinet.)

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