Sunday, March 3, 2013

About saying no to things

So I'm currently learning how to say no to things. Even though it would be super fun I can't do all the concerts and projects that come up. And I sort of realized that when I said yes to do the Singers Showcase this year again. Donna were telling me that she wanted me to do the backgrounds this year again, and I decided to say yes. But once I started practice the tunes and realized how much it was I remembered how stressed I had been last semester when things didn't go as smoothly as I thought they would do. My teacher told me to think through it one more time, because even if music is my life right now, I still need some time to be away from it, to not burn myself out before I'm 30 (or hopefully ever). And since I have so many more projects going on this semester it might be good to be a bit careful. That way you get more out of it and you can be more involved.

My teacher also recommended me to start doing yoga and meditation, something that I am very familiar with but haven't mastered really. I am gonna start working on it and if I find some success I'll tell you about it!

Well, now I am going to fix my bike so that I can start biking to school again! Have a good one.

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