Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to manage stress

Berklee is indeed a stressful place when you have high ambitions and lots of things you like to do, so as I wrote the other day: you have to learn how to say no when your body tells you to. I guess the hard part is to listen to your body, at least for me.

Stress is more dangerous than what we think, and the most crucial part about it (just as with any sickness) is that you don't get help until you already are really sick. When I think about that it scares me. Because we are never trying to prevent being sick. We are just trying to avoid it while we are living  our lives too fast and taking on too much work at the same time. The result can be, as what happened to my mums friend, that you have to lie in a dark room for a year and do nothing, before even starting to think about work or even fun again. Yeah, stress is not something you want to gamble with.

I realized this last week, and I had to do something about it directly otherwise I would probably have gotten burned out and sick, so I went to a Yoga session yesterday that my friend Sagit is leading, and it felt really good just to do something else than to practice or be frustrated over homework. What yoga mainly does (for me) is that it's making me think less. I am so focused to do the movements in the right way and at the same time listen to what Sagit sais, so I forget all the other things I need to do tomorrow or the next day. After all: that is not relevant right now, so why should I worry about it? Instead, I want to be here and now, and try to feel every part of my body.

I am probably gonna talk more about stress, it's on my mind right now. If you have any tips for non-stressing things to do, please comment!

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