Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today I lived almost for free

At college there is always talk about money. Or more correctly the lack of money. We students always feel a little bit guilty when we go buy a coffee or lunch, and then when we feel the urge to celebrate something, there is this little voice inside our heads saying "Hm.. you shouldn't spend so much money on stupid things such as fun!" 

But today I lived almost for free! That made me feel really good inside! Almost no money spent on a whole day and if you are a poor Berklee student (or at another college for that matter) and want to get the secret tips on how to save up your pennies, here comes the answers to how I did it!

1. I biked to school! No money to spend on the T, not a single penny (I even found a dime when I parked my bike! Score!)

2. My teacher decided to buy the whole class coffee at Starbucks, just because we wrote so nice pieces for solo bass. (So if you write an awesome solo bass piece, maybe your teacher will do that too!)

3. I brought my own home cooked lunch. (Here comes the almost, because I had to buy a bottle of water at Tedeshi's to be able to use their microwave.)

4. For dinner I had an apple that I got from the caf the other day, and strangely enough, when I walk to the practice rooms at 8 pm there are people in the corridor eating free pizza. "Hey! Grab a pizza slice! It's delicious!" Well I don't say no to free pizza. So checking out the events that happens at college is definitely worth it, because most often they contain free food!

5. I went to a free concert at the Beehive. Joshua Davis' Love Salad. Great music, and I even got to talk to Bruce again. He is the booker of the bands and he is there sometimes handling the sound. It's always a pleasure to talk to him, because he has been through a lot, and he knows a lot of music. It's always best to find the nice places where they don't have a cover for listening to music. On the other hand you might need to buy a drink, but that is like 2 dollars so I can live with that.

Well. I hope that I will be able to live as cheap tomorrow. Tomorrow is by the way my work day, so I will even earn some money! Can keep me off the thought of money for a couple of days. Woho! Good night!

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