Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week of terror

It feels weird to get back to normal life after the happenings in Boston. After being so close to the marathon and the shootings when it happened. We lost a week in school due to the lockdown, and we couldn't even work on our homework cause we were worried about the world. And now it's back to normal as if nothing happened. Friday night was unbelievable; I have never seen so many people standing on the street singing the american national anthem and later screaming "USA, USA!". Honestly, that made me almost as freaked out as the bombings.

Anyways, I am working on a billion projects at the same time (of course, otherwise it wouldn't be fun). I am rehearsing my band for a concert on Wednesday and later today I will record an r'n'b tune for Amit's final project. At the same time I am trying to book a studio for the film project, rehearsing with friend Shon who wants to record an EP, and working electronica tune with Lei and me and Vivienne are recording a video series of bebop licks for a youtube project.

 I am also in the beginning of planning a tour with my new band Karmacloud, consisting of Dan, Rumle and me. It's going to be amazingly fun! And we will hopefully end up in Paris! Check our website out:

Life is filled with music! Music is fun!

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