Monday, May 20, 2013

The end of a long semester

I can't believe that this semester is over. Not because it felt very short or went fast (even though it did that too). It was probably the toughest semester I've been through. But also a really fun one with loads of projects! I've almost been focusing more on everything outside of school than classes and homework.

The song I wrote for the Swedish short-film is finally done. We recorded it on Monday, for four hours with amazing people willing to help out! I was sick and kept on coughing the whole session, but in some miraculous way I was still able to put some decent singing on the recording. Now it's in the hands of Fabian and Daniel and the movie will be released the 25th of May! I am super exited. I also told them that now they will have to put subtitles on it, because I have about ten people here in the US who definitely wants to see it!

On Tuesday we recorded with Karmacloud! Check out some pictures here!
I was still sick, even harder to sing this day. Especially since our goal was to get three tunes recorded on only four hours. But we got through it with two tunes and right now Rumle is mixing and fixing, and hopefully there will be an EP out soon!

After the recording I decided to escape with Lei to NYC. A real gastronomic trip, we went to some real nice restaurants! Even one japanese restaurant with a Michelin star. I saw my former teacher Aubrey Johnson and Tammy Scheffer perform at a small café in the Village, and the trip was next to perfect.

I have one more day in Boston before I go back to Sweden and a well deserved week of relaxation.
Time to pack my things and clean my room!

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