Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paris - instead of a postcard

Dear Athena,

You would love Paris! The old streets are so charming and everywhere you go you see culture at its best. Fashion stores and restaurants, small art galleries. If you go though, make sure to have a lot of time, the traffic is insane. We almost missed our restaurant booking even though it was pretty close to where we lived!

We hang out yesterday, me and Lei, in the sixth arrondissement. Waking on Boulevard de Saint Germain (the street of your favourite dessert wine) each one eating a piece of baguette and some olives from Le Bon Marche. Since we're leaving today for Tokyo we didn't have time to see much, but we went to the royal garden and also to a real cool restaurant. It's called l'Atelier de Robushon. Joel Robushon was the guy who taught Gordon Ramsay how to cook. So the food was nothing but incredible. 

Hope everything is nice in Boston! Talk to you soon! 


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