Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dear granny Gunnel

Since I know that you barely sleep because of curiosity I finally was able to find some time to write this! Hope you enjoy it! 

Tokyo - Day 1 

We arrived at Haneda airport at 7 in the morning (perfect way to beat the jetlag is to sleep on the plane, and for some reason I'm good at that). Breakfast contained of the best ramen I've ever eaten, and according to Lei the japanese people are better at most things because of their perfectionism. They are also incredibly humble and polite. The janitor at the hotel didn't even share the elevator with us out of respect for his customers. It makes me very humble to see people work so hard and never show the slightest sign of tiredness. 

Finally in Tokyo we checked in at the hotel in Shibuya and took a walk around the area. Lei showed me his favourite place, Omotesando Hills, and we went to check out Tower Records, the famous music store that went bankrupt and now it only exists in a few places. Big yellow and pink signs advertising for some famous J-pop artist and 3 types of music playing at the same time is what you can expect in a music store. It's a bit too much but very charming at the same time. 

To be continued...

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